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At Livingstone House, we offer residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes for men aged 18-64. Residents participate in a 12 Step Recovery Programme, that is tailored to their needs. Support is not just geared towards abstinence, but designed to meet each individual’s mental, spiritual and emotional needs too.

Our facilities

Comfortable, homely accommodation

The object of Livingstone House is to provide a family environment where Service Users can access help for their addiction, using a 12 Step Programme, in conjunction with any alternative therapies that support recovery.

Treatment areas

Livingstone House provides detoxification for addictive substances in a controlled and medically supervised environment via an agreed clinically indicated detoxification protocol all facilitated within the 12 Step Programme (talking therapy).

Training and vocational qualifications

At Livingstone Lodge residents are encouraged to reintegrate back into the community, attend 12 step fellowship meetings and pursue educational, training and vocational qualifications.

Support us

Livingstone House is a not-for-profit organisation. We rely heavily on support of funds generated from local councils, individuals and our partners to provide our services to our residents.

We are one of the few organisations to offer ‘charity’ beds, which require no contribution for the individual, helping to rehabilitate the most vulnerable in our communities, and help to get their lives back on track.

How we use your donations

residents completed our programme in 2022
average score out of 10 for 'peer motivation' in our annual user survey
average score out of 5 for rehabilitation sessions in our annual user survey
per cent of our alcohol detox residents successfully completed their stay with Livingstone House

Inspirational story

POF’s Story

The residents and staff, who are so incredible are always there, and they understand.   I walked into Livingstone House in April 2020 as a 23 year old scared, lost and broken man. I got clean back in 2019 through the 12 steps of AA/NA for 14 months, but my …

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What does safeguarding in a rehab centre look like?

Livingstone House has a duty to care for all of our residents. We protect and empower residents at risk of exploitation or abuse. Read about how our safeguarding policy and practices are validated by local authorities and the steps we take to prioritise our residents’ safety.

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What’s the difference between rehab and a halfway house?

Sobriety is a journey, not an overnight fix. Read about the different stages of rehabilitation, the options of a halfway house and how to identify if you need to find a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre to help you or a loved one.

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