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The Team consists of dedicated nursing and counselling staff who are supported by substance misuse support workers, whose role is to assist the team with the smooth running of the programme and to be a direct support to our residents and their families.

Sally Livingstone

Founder and Pastor

Sally is the Founder and Pastor of Livingstone House. For many years she worked with addicts, alcoholics and their families.

Sally is heavily involved in the management and operational development of Livingstone House, and is a qualified substance misuse professional.

Sally is an expert in the treatment of addiction and specialises in the treatment of co-dependency and assists Service Users and families to be able to learn new healthy patterns of behaviour.

In addition to this her expertise extends to being able to reach out to people who are new to Livingstone House, people who are scared, lonely and confused, and who are unable to make sense of the emotional turmoil they are experiencing. She has a gift at being able to instantly know where a new person is at. She excels in working with new residents, explaining addiction, addictive behaviour and addictive thinking by putting it in language that people can understand. She has an innate ability to be able to help people through the early and essential stages of being able to get through obsessive and compulsive behaviours and move forward in recovery. She is particularly skilled in assisting people in breaking through their denial around their substance misuse and thereby freeing them to be able to live lives which are productive, joyous and free.

Although Sally has retired from hands on work at the Centre, she is still very active in her roll as a Pastor who spends most of her time in Israel, whereby she has started a house of refuge for women.

Sally is also a regular writer and broadcaster.

Lee James

General Manager

Lee James is the general manager at Livingstone House.

Paul Ansah

Support Worker

Paul is a residential drug and alcohol support worker for Livingstone House.

Paul Madan

Support Worker

My name is Paul Madan and thanks to Livingstone House I’m nearly 20 months clean and sober and a very grateful recovering addict to boot.

I started work voluntarily here at the treatment centre getting the finest training and studying opportunities that are available in the recovery sector today. I am now a support worker at Livingstone House. I’m about to start my professional studies in the field, which is very important for me, as my main aim in life now is to help those addicts and alcoholics who still suffer today from the killer disease of addiction. I love my job here and I make no bones about it that I would love to spend the rest of my working career here helping others. Livingstone House has a very special place not only in my heart but also in the hearts of my beloved family also.

James Bell

Aftercare Support Worker

James is a residential drug and alcohol aftercare support worker for Livingstone House and is currently studying for his Social Care and Health Diploma.

He started at Livingstone House in 2014 as a support worker volunteer with a total of 10 years in personal recovery from alcohol and drug addiction working a 12 step recovery program.

I worked as a volunteer for the Birmingham NHS mental health foundation trust along with other care roles and then in 2013-2014 decided to start in a drug and alcohol charity in Birmingham prior to my voluntary role in Livingstone House.

I was given the opportunity to take up a full time position as a drug and alcohol support worker after this at Livingstone House which went extremely well and then after a period of time was offered a position as a support worker for the Livingstone house dry houses which is where I am currently placed supporting others that have had similar issues to deal with and to which I am sincerely extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to give back to Livingstone House.

Alex Millington

Support Worker

Alex is a support worker at Livingstone House.

Livingstone House Volunteers

Supporting our staff team Livingstone House have voluntary workers who have been through the treatment programme and want to give something back to the service.
Matt Hales

I came to Livingstone House in March 2016, I was in a poorly way I could not stop using alcohol & drugs which spanned over a 26 year period.

My physical Health was in such a bad way I had been told by doctors that I had weeks to live due to the amount of operations I have had due to chronic alcoholism, Pancreas was in a state of non repair, I still suffer with Pancreatitis.

I had Given up on life!

After 18 months of treatment/aftercare I am now proud to be a part of the team at Livingstone House.

I volunteer 3 days a week to give back to the still suffering as well as looking after my own recovery.I am educating myself in the general care of others & am learning more (every day) about the condition I call addiction.I have hope for the future and my family can sleep at Night.I am almost 3 years clean have many perks in Life back own flat car etc all thanks to Livingstone House and there patience.I contribute in the community by doing service in the fellowship.

Matt Hales (Grateful Volunteer)

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