What does safeguarding in a rehab centre look like?

Livingstone House has a duty to care for all of our residents. We protect and empower residents at risk of exploitation or abuse. Read about how our safeguarding policy and practices are validated by local authorities and the steps we take to prioritise our residents’ safety.

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Livingstone House Building

What’s the difference between rehab and a halfway house?

Sobriety is a journey, not an overnight fix. Read about the different stages of rehabilitation, the options of a halfway house and how to identify if you need to find a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre to help you or a loved one.

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Alcohol detox at home vs rehabilitation centres

Lots of people try to make positive changes at the start of a new year. Choosing to alcohol detox is a positive step away from alcoholism. Learn more about what to expect from the detox process and the support available to anyone wanting to start a detox.

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Christmas bauble hanging on a tree

A sober Christmas – committing to positive change in your life

Christmas can be both a magical and a stressful time. Explore practical suggestions to help you stay clean and sober at Christmas. And get ideas to support someone in your life who is trying to make positive changes this time of year.

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Man with head in hands, looking concerned

I’m worried about someone and don’t know where to begin looking for help 

Want to know where to start with getting support for someone struggling with addiction? No question is too small or too big. Learn about the different types of help, for different types of people.

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Co-codamol tablets

Could I be addicted to co-codamol?

Co-codamol is a legal, effective and mainstream painkiller. It’s easily accessible and not many people would have it on their list of well-known addictions. Learn about what makes co-codamol addictive and what a withdrawal looks like.

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