How much does rehab cost in the UK?

Learn about the different types of funded rehabilitation that are available in the UK. And, find out how Livingstone House works to help people who can’t afford private rehab.

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Our approach to the 12 step programme

Learn about the twelve step programme and how Livingstone House adopts the principles from Alcohol Anonymous to help shape our addiction therapy and recovery programmes.

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The importance of relationship in sobriety

A really important part of someone’s recovery journey is the involvement of friends and  who believe in their ability to recover. 

When someone knows that you are concerned about them, that you’ve noticed a change in their behaviour, or that you are not going to leave them to face a problem alone, it can be a turning point in their decision to do something about an addiction.

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How do I stay sober?

With practical tips to help you stay sober, take a look at the benefits of stopping drinking alcohol to your mind, body and whole life. We’re here to help you get and stay sober.

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Does substance abuse cause mental health problems?

It’s obvious that drugs and alcohol affect our moods, behaviour and actions. Lots of people have experienced the mental, emotional and physical negative effects of over-using drugs and alcohol. But, does alcohol and drug addiction affect your mental health?

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What does safeguarding in a rehab centre look like?

Livingstone House has a duty to care for all of our residents. We protect and empower residents at risk of exploitation or abuse. Read about how our safeguarding policy and practices are validated by local authorities and the steps we take to prioritise our residents’ safety.

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