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Inspirational Stories

Recovery stories

Many men are now living happy, fulfilling lives – with wives, families and careers – and are COMPLETELY drug and alcohol free, because of their commitment to living by the rules and programme of Livingstone House.

POF’s Story

The residents and staff, who are so incredible are always there, and they understand.   I walked into Livingstone House in April 2020 as a ...
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SC’s Story

I thank God for Livingstone House. I arrived there in April 2014 after using drugs and alcohol for many years.   I was at my ...
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RL’s Story

I came to Livingstone House April 8th 2014 with a 26 year history of substance misuse, the last 17 years dependent upon heroin and methadone. ...
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PH’s Story

My name is PH and I am a recovering heroin and crack cocaine addict which is a miracle in itself.   After 20 years of ...
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JS’ Story

My name is JS; I’ve been on drugs since I was 13 and addicted ever since.   I’m now 27 and 6 months clean for ...
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PM’s Story

I came to Livingstone House a very broken man indeed on the 13th April 2017 with over a twenty five year history of substance misuse. ...
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