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CP’s Story

I came into Livingstone House after 17 years of drug use, prison, desperation, hurt, pain and fear.


I didn’t walk through the front door, I crawled in on my hands and knees, a broken man full of fear, not able to cope anymore with the hold the drugs and addiction had over me. I needed help and boy did I come to the right place. I was welcomed in the front door with a hug and a warm smile and was finally in a safe place. My journey of recovery was about to start. I was close to death when I entered those doors.

I was one of the lucky ones who got a bed at Livingstone House on a charity basis and I believe to this day that making the decision to come into this twelve step treatment centre saved my life. I was very wary to start with but the loving, warm welcome given to me by the staff and peers made me feel at home.

I was supported with all my physical and emotional needs through my detox and monitored closely. I had group therapy sessions each day and one to one counselling on a regular basis. The food was great, I started regaining weight and feeling healthy. I was supported by the councillors to rebuild my family relationships. The care I received during my stay was second to none. I have built a bond with the staff and peers alike. I have had the opportunity to work on myself through talking about my issues and by doing twelve step written work.

I am now clean and sober of all substances and I have hope in my life today. This is all thanks to Livingstone House. I owe them so much for the hard work time and effort that was put into helping me get better.

I have a good life today and I am happy to have been clean for eight months. I could not have done this without the help of Livingstone House and all the people in it.

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