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JS’ Story

My name is JS; I’ve been on drugs since I was 13 and addicted ever since.


I’m now 27 and 6 months clean for the first time in my entire life. I have a lot of peace in my mind and soul today as do my family who can sleep at night, no longer worrying about when they will get a knock at the door to say that their son has died of an overdose.

I firmly believe that God has watched over me throughout my life, or I would not have survived. I believe he led me to Livingstone House where I was given the priceless opportunity to work on my problems, attitudes and behaviours using the twelve step program.

The staff there were all wonderful and really do care as they are in recovery themselves.

Today I like me, I don’t loath myself anymore, life is good and I’m finally on the road to lasting recovery, thanks to God’s blessings. Thank God for Livingstone House.

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